Established by winemaker Craig Lewis.

Your Personal Winemaker.

Since my time working in the wine industry for the last 20 years, I was always asked by friends and family to help them choose great wines.  They were too often disappointed in trying to find their own.

Your Personal Winemaker is about that process.

If I wouldn't drink it, I don't stock it.

It's about using my industry contacts, but especially my training and palate to sort out the gems from the rocks.

I taste thousands of wines and beers to bring you only the best.

 Curated Mixed Boxes

I specialise in mixed boxes.

It's the at home tasting paddle for Wine & Beer.

My focus on small, boutique batches that are true to their label.

No "phantom" brands owned by big corporate pretending to be small players. I work collaboratively with you to tailor your order according to your own palate preference.

So Why Beer?

There's a saying "It takes a lot of great beer, to make great wines".

I've always loved a cheeky beer, and have been brewing my own since university.

There are a lot of similarities between the two industries, and I have been lucky enough that my career has also enabled me to work in breweries.